Instagram doesn’t have to ruin your life

There’s an account I follow on Instagram called ‘Philosophy of Leisiure’. It’s one of my favorite accounts I follow as their posts are insightful and encouraging without being “selly” or promotional.

They posted a quote that said:

“Consider it might not be a lack of energy that’s the issue, but, instead, a lack of tapping into one’s sources of energy — the strengths, passions, people, and purpose — which are a wellspring of inspiration and power for us. Stay close to those.”

It got me thinking about all the things that make me feel inspired. While I certainly have hormones to thank for my lack of energy, I am also responsible for the continued sour mood.

I enjoy scrolling on social media. I’ve taken the time to ensure the accounts I follow inspire and encourage positive thinking. Inevitably, there are times I scroll through my explore feed for hours at a time.

Yes, hours!

After this binge, I always feel horrible! Surely social media was designed to serve us, not have control over us.

How do we draw this boundary? Honestly, like changing anything else, it takes discipline.

Here are some things I’ve done to minimize the temptation to scroll:

  1. I’ve unfollowed accounts (eg. influencers and brands). that encourage me to spend money I don't have.

I’m working on building a legitimate repulsion towards the explore feed by associating it with a p.o.o.r (passing over opportunities repeatedly) mindset and indolence.

4. I’ve had a friend set a password if I try to access social media after 30 minutes.

5. I’ve set my screensaver to list 10 things I can do that will make me feel better than scrolling.

You’ve likely heard the idea of social media controlling you, rather than you controlling social media. Any social media app is literally designed to keep you on it for as long as possible!

If you’re sick of feeling like you don’t have any control over your social media use, try these methods!

Hope this is helpful and you’re able to use social media to your benefit rather than your demise.





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